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Scrimmage for War, a new, hardback book, published by Stackpole Books, can be ordered in advance, for $34.95, on the National Book Network, owned by Rowman and Littlefield, in Lanham, MD.
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Sunday in Hell: Pearl Harbor Minute by Minute

Sunday in Hell: Pearl Harbor Minute by Minute is the powerful new history and true story of the devastating Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Oahu's airfields, and other targets of opportunity; the attack's 24-hour and succeeding 24-day aftermath, including the first two troop ship convoys to leave the West Coast to reinforce the American Army's Pacific garrisons on Oahu and further south; the extensive follow-on attacks of Japanese submarines supporting their Combined Fleet's Hawaiian operation; the seaborne evacuation of thousands from Hawaii - and the devotion of a Marine officer’s daughter to a young Navy ensign - a crew member on the battleship USS Tennessee - their love, marriage, and determination to remain near one another amid the turmoil and bloody chaos of war.

Blending excerpts from personal diaries, letters, heretofore classified official records and correspondence; martial law records, messages, texts of presidential addresses, unit histories, wartime plans; war journals, and orders of battle; ships’ deck logs, war diaries and action reports; histories of Naval combatants, luxury liners, Army, and Army Air Force units; maps, photographs, and sketches; interviews of eyewitnesses and participants, excerpts from previously recorded accounts of the attack on Pearl Harbor; the written and spoken words of the men, women and children who lived its life and death events; combined with the author’s background as a fighter-bomber pilot with combat experience, years of study and knowledge of tactical and strategic air, sea, and ground warfare; and firsthand knowledge of the pain of comrades lost and impacts upon their families – the author provides a meticulously-researched narrative for all audiences, high school through retirement years, which will pull readers into a story told in crisp, clear, emotion-packed, laymen’s terms.

Excerpts from the Book's Foreword

Sunday in Hell: Pearl Harbor Minute by Minute, is a fresh, new, meticulously-researched history that takes us through America’s first fierce and most disastrous battle of World War II. Set in the historical context of the preceding ten years of the Great Depression, we see clearly our nation’s steadfast hold on isolationism, and the rise of the 20th Century’s new totalitarians, leading to the shattering Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Told by the people who lived its events, the attack abruptly thrusts us into the midst of war and all its powerful cross-currents of emotion.

Then comes the bitter aftermath, and America’s first dark days of struggle in the great, wide Pacific, where the fury began and as Admiral Nimitz related, “uncommon valor became a common virtue,” inspiring a nation. In reading this history we learn anew why the words sacrifice, love, faith, patriotism, and “Remember Pearl Harbor,” will forever reverberate through American history…

Thomas B. Fargo
Admiral, USN (Ret)
Former Commander,
U.S. Pacific Command

Praise for Sunday in Hell

The attack on Pearl Harbor was a profoundly bitter surprise for an unprepared America. It was an earth-shaking event in a chain of devastating events perpetrated by the twentieth century’s new totalitarians—the Axis powers of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and militarist Japan. This work revitalizes the cry, 'Remember Pearl Harbor!' and records anew America’s entry into World War II, the deadly, never-to-be-ignored lessons totalitarians leave in the archives of history’s darkest hours.

Gordon R. Sullivan
General, US Army, Retired
32nd Chief of Staff

Bill McWilliams delivers a most readable history that immerses us in the depths of our Nation’s darkest hour. Feel the shock and anger, the humiliation and devastation that roused the 'Sleeping Giant' and inspired the greatest mobilization of spirit, and pride our nation has ever seen. This is the story of real people whose shattered lives became the stuff of the 'Greatest Generation.'"

General John P. Jumper
US Air Force (Ret)
Chief of Staff 2001-05

A memorable history should read like an exciting true story, create clear visual images, and cause readers to feel they are among the people living the events. This work does. Bill McWilliams pulls us into the story, where we experience the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of war, while feeling the powerful crosscurrents of emotion war provokes.

General Thomas R. Morgan
USMC (Retired)
Assistant Commandant
Marine Corps, 1986-88

Masterfully told; a powerful true story of the devastating events surrounding the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that propelled America into the most destructive war in human history. McWilliams’ third major work after A RETURN TO GLORY and ON HALLOWED GROUND wrings inspiration and remembrance from sacrifice, valor and tragedy. Reading like an action-packed novel, this is truly history at its best.

Colin Burgess
Award-winning Australian military and spaceflight historian and author

©ESPN All Rights Reserved "Code Breakers" DVD Based on the first three chapters and selected excerpts from A Return to Glory, “Code Breakers” dramatizes the disclosure, undercover and formal investigations of organized cheating at West Point in the spring and summer of 1951, which resulted in less than honorable discharges for 83 cadets, including 37 football players from Army’s greatly admired, nationally ranked team – while the nation was at war in Korea. What the critics said: Washington Post: “Smart and compelling.” Hollywood Reporter: “What makes this film so special is that it captures the unique situation even as it distills universal truths. G. Ross Parker’s brilliant script reveals a set of circumstances that was neither black nor white but mostly shades of gray…the film is far less about football than difficult ethical questions involving loyalty, friendship, integrity and honor.” An ESPN Original Entertainment production. Executive Producer: Orly Adelson; Co-executive Producer: Jon Eskenas; Producer: Frank Siracusa; Director: Rod Holcomb; Teleplay: G. Ross Parker; Based on the Book: A Return to Glory by Bill McWilliams Cast: Legendary Army football coach Earl H. “Red” Blaik, Scott Glenn; football player George Holbrook: Jeff Roop; Holbrook’s roommate, Brian Nolan: Zachery Bryan; Bob Blaik: Corey Sevier; DeSantis: Theo Rossi; Straub: Jake Busey; Assistant coach Vince Lombardi: Richard Zippieri; Colonel Paul D. Harkins, the Commandant: Jude Ciccolella; Trager: Robin Dunne; Culpepper: Adam Grimes. The author’s role in the production was as a voluntary, unpaid consultant, whom the producers, writer, and director graciously granted unprecedented access, participating in three script reviews, providing copies of period research documents and loan of photographs, and answering numerous questions on a wide variety of subjects from nearly every discipline in the production process - all to assist in recreating the unique mission of the Military Academy and the era of the story, while portraying the event’s fundamental truths and reality. “Code Breakers” DVD Extras: Among the DVD extras is the documentary “Brave Old Army Team,” a history of Army football of that era, produced for ESPN by Winnercomm, Tulsa, OK, and based in part on A Return to Glory. The author’s role in the documentary was as a provider of background information and facts concerning the 1951 honor incident at West Point, an on-screen interviewee, and a voluntary fact checker during the final editing process.

The basis for the made-for-television ESPN Original Entertainment movie “Code Breakers” (premiered at 9 P.M Eastern Time on 10 December 2005), and now on a DVD which includes the ESPN documentary, “Brave Old Army Team,” A Return to Glory is the first book to bring readers behind closed doors at West Point during the unprecedented, widely controversial, tragic cheating episode of 1951.

Told with great precision and keen insight, A Return to Glory fuses the intertwined struggles for officers and cadets to maintain honorable conduct on the athletic field with the challenges to officers and enlisted men on the battlefields of Korea, the Cold War’s first frustrating and deadly “limited war.” The parallels and corollaries are astounding and often profound.

The book also tells one of the great, never-before-told collegiate football stories of the twentieth century, namely the inspiring true story of how the vaunted Army football team—nationally dominant during much of the decade preceding the incident—recovered from losing 37 players in the devastating cheating scandal of 1951.

Timeless and compelling, A Return to Glory is as surprising and meaningful for today's readers as it will be for those who lived the events of a half century ago. Both a period history and lively true story, the book tells of authentic and unsung heroes and young men attempting to live up to the extraordinarily high standards demanded by the Academy and its Honor Code.

While the work accurately portrays the joys, rewards, and tragedies of life in the military, it also tells thought-provoking, often humorous, uplifting stories about people and institutions, “warts and all,” woven into a larger story and theme, with deliberately broad appeal intended to reach the general public.

Most importantly, in a new age of desperate battles that challenge the integrity of military leaders on and off today’s battlefields, A Return to Glory tells the inspirational story of some of their Army forebears who selflessly chose the harder right over the easier wrong...and prevailed.

5 maps, 62 photos, 1,144 pages

BOOKS AVAILABLE at Aegis Consulting Group/Aberjona Press in Bedford, PA and their distributors; and Warwick House Publishing in Lynchburg, VA. and

TELEVISION MOVIE: Based upon A Return to Glory, the ESPN Original Entertainment, made for television movie, “Code Breakers,” aired on 10 December 2005, four days after ESPN aired the documentary, “Brave Old Army Team,” which was in part based upon the book.

DVD AVAILABLE: ESPN released “Code Breakers” on DVD, 18 July 2006. The movie trailer is available for viewing at IMDb, and copies remain available for ordering on Amazon.

“Gerald B. Whiterock, All-American Hero: Valor Forever”

Based on the book On Hallowed Ground, The Last Battle for Pork Chop Hill, and additional research completed after the book was published, the article tells the tragic but inspiring true story of the only Nevada soldier killed in action on Pork Chop Hill, during the 6-11 July 1953 final battle for the outpost. Gerald Whiterock was an 18-year old Western Shoshone Indian from the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, astride the Nevada-Idaho border, northeast of Elko. He enlisted in the Army one day after his 18th birthday in October 1952, and was killed in action on Pork Chop Hill the morning of 9 July, less than three weeks prior to the Korean War armistice.

“Vince Lombardi at West Point: The Early Days of a Football Legend”

Vince Lombardi’s exciting, tumultuous, roller coaster, five seasons, from 1949 through 1953 under the head coach Vince most admired and whom Vince credited as his greatest gridiron teacher, Army’s Earl H. “Red” Blaik.

“The 1st Hilltoppers: Birth of a Winning Tradition”

Tells the delightful, inspiring, true story of the first three seasons of interscholastic football competition, 1946-48, at Los Alamos High School, as the home of the World War II Manhattan Project – Project Y - was coming out from under its tightly-held cloak of secrecy.

"The Last Battle for Pork Chop Hill"

The article briefly describes the initial assault on Pork Chop Hill the night of 6 July 1953 by units of the 200th Regiment, Chinese Communist 67th Division, against A Company, 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, to begin the five day battle for the outpost.

“The 1951 Honor Incident: Myths, Facts, and Lessons”

Using research material from A Return to Glory, the piece summarizes the never-publicly-told story of behind the scenes events associated with the 1951 honor incident at West Point, and responds to an error-filled article, “Code Breakers,” written by well-known sports writer Frank Deford and published in Sports Illustrated magazine’s 13 November 2000 issue.

“The 1953 Battles for Pork Chop Hill”

Based on the book, On Hallowed Ground, The Last Battle for Pork Chop Hill, the article summarizes the events leading to the final, bloody 6-11 July 1953 battle for the outpost, and the roles Military Academy graduates played in the battle.

“Once More Into the Fire”

A true story from the West Point class of 1950’s baptism in battle early in the Korean War. Lt. David R. Hughes, who like many of his classmates, was ordered to report as a platoon leader in a front line unit – without benefit of up-to-date infantry branch school training – joins King Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regimentt of George Armstrong Custer fame, near the Yalu River, and fights beside and leads his men as a platoon leader, and then company commander, until the 1st Cavalry Division is replaced on the line in November 1951, near Pork Chop Hill and what became the DMZ.

“Army – Duke 1953, A Football Game Never to Be Forgotten”

The inspiring, true story of the Army football team’s turnaround game in the turnaround season of 1953. In two grueling football seasons following the disastrous honor incident announced 3 August 1951, Army went 2-7 and 4-4-1, equaling the total losses under Coach Earl H. “Red” Blaik in his previous ten seasons. Called by many sports writers “the college game of the year,” the victory set Army’s team and the Corps of Cadets afire, inspiring them to remain undefeated the remainder of a 7-1-1 season, and a return to the national rankings.

“The 1951 Honor Incident, Lessons from an Avoidable Tragedy”

The author explains the purposes and practical value of officer candidates taking action when violations of the cadet honor code are observed, and relates the cadet honor code to the officer code and leadership.