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“The 1st Hilltoppers: Birth of a Winning Tradition”

Football History. Five-part series newspaper article published weekly in the Los Alamos Monitor, Los Alamos, NM, beginning September 5, through October 31, 2004.

Tells the delightful, inspiring, true story of the first three seasons of interscholastic competition, 1946-48, at Los Alamos High School, as the home of the World War II Manhattan Project - Project Y - was coming out from under its tightly-held cloak of secrecy. Project Y gave birth to the small high school, which graduated only two students in August 1944, three in June 1945, and seven in 1946, and the high school fielded their first football team in September of that year, 14 months following the test of the first atomic bomb at White Sands, NM on 16 July 1945. In their first season they went 8-0, with a graduating class of 20 young men and women. At the end of their first season, they had established a winning tradition and statewide recognition in New Mexico, and ended their first three seasons with a total 19-2-2 record.